Your resume is a Personal Marketing Tool for your next job and is often the first contact you have with a prospective employer. This first impression is long-lasting,
so you want your resume to look polished and professional.
Eagle Eye Resumes provides you with high-quality, reliable, and affordable resume-writing services. Your new resume will not be a laundry-list of jobs and duties but will answer the employer’s “What’s in it for me?” question. Whether you are seeking an entry-level or executive position (or anything in between!), your capabilities will be presented in the best possible light. We will personally prepare your custom-written, attention-getting resume by updating your existing resume or starting from “scratch”, with particular attention to content, organization, focus, and visual presentation.
Your EER Resume will:

Present you at your very best!
Clearly define your objective!
Highlight your abilities and accomplishments!
Capture the employer’s attention and respect!
Create the desire to meet you!
Be concise and pleasing to the eye!
Contain flawless punctuation, grammar, and spelling!
Be printed on premium resume paper!
1. You call or e-mail to setup a resume interview.
2. We evaluate your current resume.
3. You complete a brief questionnaire.
4. You will be called to view our first draft of your resume.
5. Final tweaks and approval.
6. You get a Better Interview.
7. You get a Better Job or Career.
When you choose an Eagle Eye resume, we will interview you personally, evaluate your skills, achievements and employment history. Then we will develop a resume that reflects your unique professional skill set and value, as well as your personality.
In Your *Resume Package*

15 copies on Premium Resume Paper.
Unlimited phone consultations to fine-tune your Eagle Eye resume.
A copy of Top 25 Tips to Interviewing.
A copy of Top 25 Tips for Negotiating Your Salary.
A copy of Top 25 Tips to Job Hunts.
A copy of Top 25 List of Benefits.
You will also receive
of all your documents prepared by Eagle Eye Resumes.
Updates are just a phone call away.
Scannable and E-mailable Resumes are now requested by many businesses and organizations. Eagle Eye scannable resumes maximize a computer’s ability to “read” your resume, thereby increasing your ability to get “hits”. Eagle Eye also provides e-mailable resumes (ASCII/text format) so that your resume can be sent to company recruiters via electronic mail or can be posted on the Internet.
Cover letters introduce you and your resume to prospective employers. Your resume should always be accompanied by a cover letter, unless otherwise specified. Your cover letter, as well as any other documents you send to a potential employer, should be neat and clean, with no misspellings or grammatical errors. Eagle Eye provides effective printed cover letters to match your resume.
Reference lists and follow-up letters are also available from Eagle Eye Resumes. At an interview, you will appear to be well prepared and organized if you are able to provide a reference list that coordinates with your cover letter and resume. Following the interview, a follow-up letter may very well set you apart from the competition. It will allow you to expand upon information covered in the interview; supply additional material, if necessary; and emphasize your interest in the position in question. It will also show that you are well mannered when you say “Thank you for the interview!”, leaving a positive impression upon the interviewer.
Internet Resume Distribution is one of the most valuable tools of today’s jobseekers, allowing their resumes to be seen by thousands of hiring professionals, including employers, recruiters and online database services. Eagle Eye can arrange for your  resume to be posted on the most appropriate sites for your field.

Eagle Eye Resumes can Distibute and Post your resume onto 15 to 20 Major Job Search Websites most widely used on the internet today by Top Manufacturers, Professionals, Recruiters, Temp Agencies and More!
Price List

The following price list is detailed.
There are no hidden costs and
Resume Evaluation
Free - no obligation! You have nothing to lose! We will provide a resume assessment that addresses each section of your resume. How else will you know whether your resume needs work?

Resume Development
Starting with client's existing resume or Eagle Eye questionnaire, plus extensive follow-up via 1 on 1, e-mail or telephone, 1-3 pages.

Level 1 - Collegiate - 1 page (students, recent graduates)

Level 2 - Entry Level - 1 to 2 pages (entry level positions, clerks, receptionists, machine operators, press operators, apprentices, etc.)

Level 3 - Professional - 1 to 2 pages (supervisors, salespersons, teachers, toolers, accountants, insurance/real estate agents, nurses, social workers, etc.)

Level 4 - Senior/Executive Level - 2 to 3 pages (Presidents, VPs, CFOs, managers, sales managers, doctors, attorneys, educational administrators, PhD's, etc.)

Resume Retype
From client’s copy, no consultation needed, little to no editing,
1 to 2 pages.
*Resume Package* included..

Cover Letter
1. From an Eagle Eye produced resume.

2. From resume not produced by Eagle Eye Resumes.

Resume Update
Of a previously produced Eagle Eye resume,
(15 copies on Premium Resume paper included).

Scannable or  E-mailable Resume or Cover Letter
From an Eagle Eye produced document, 1-2 pages.
Cover Letter/Follow Up Letter

Follow Up Letters
Thank You Letters, offer acceptance, etc. On premium paper to match your resume.

Reference List
Includes 5 copies on premium paper to match your resume.

Files on Disk (on floppy disk)

Internet  Resume Distribution
Post your resume on-line in the Top 15 to 20 Major Job Search Websites. Eagle Eye produced resumes













FACT #1:  Your resume needs to grab the reader’s attention in the first 10-20 seconds or it gets tossed aside, if not in the trash. This is a very short time to  present your skills and experience in a way that makes the reader want to learn more about your background and call you for an interview. We create resumes that are  persuasive from beginning to end.

FACT #2:  Most resumes prepared by individuals fail to include a high number of strong keywords, are formatted incorrectly, or are not captivating enough, and fall short of getting interviews, job offers or producing results.

FACT #3: We can help give you the advantage over other job candidates. We are committed and dedicated to present your background, experience, skills and accomplishments in a professional and persuasive resume that will get you noticed. Let us design a resume that will compel potential employers to call you immediately for an interview. No matter what position or industry you seek: no matter what salary level you desire, we can help! We can create your resume from scratch, if you haven't had a resume before, or use your existing resume as a starting point. The entire process, from resume interview to completion, usually takes just 2-5 days.
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